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See why more Fortune 500 companies are adopting SwiftStack's Object Storage Solution.

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Wash, Rinse & Repeat – Doesn’t work with Petabytes.

Object Storage that is simple to operate and scale across multiple data centers with the flexibility you need.

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SwiftStack makes OpenStack Swift enterprise ready.

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What We Do

SwiftStack enables you to do more with storage. Store more data, enable more applications and serve more users. We do this by delivering a purpose-built object storage solution, based on an open-source core, and making it fully enterprise ready. Our object storage system is an alternative to complex, expensive, hardware-based storage solutions.

SwiftStack delivers the features and flexibility you need to easily manage and scale object storage. Our customers use SwiftStack for archiving active data, serving web content, building private clouds, sharing documents and storing backups.

SwiftStack Advantages

Scott Adametz

Pac-12 Networks

“SwiftStack places responsibility for the storage system in the software, not in specific hardware components. The SwiftStack Controller manages multiple object storage clusters and removes the heavy lifting from configuration, authentication, cluster management and capacity management.”

Doug Soltesz

Budd Van Lines

“SwiftStack works great with Veeam Backup and at a TCO far lower than any other storage target we’ve used.  SwiftStack’s native replication capabilities combined with easy deployment and management via the SwiftStack Controller have let us meet our recovery objectives, ensuring our server backups are always where we need them, when we need them..”

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Scott Adametz

Pac-12 Networks

“SwiftStack’s technology is stable, trustworthy and ready for production.  It has saved our butts more than once already and I don’t doubt it will save us again.  Trust these guys, they know what they’re doing!”

Mariano Cunietti

Enter ISP

“The expertise and support provided by SwiftStack convinced us that they were the right choice for both our internal needs and as a component in our Enter Cloud Suite platform.”

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Doug Soltesz

Budd Van Lines

“Unlike deduplication appliances and public cloud options the SwiftStack Filesystem Gateway supported our current file-based document management system with no recoding needed.”

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Mike Gasaway

HP IT Services

“SwiftStack provided the foundation we needed to deliver secure storage for a broad range of applications including Static Web repositories and an internal Sync-n-Share services for every one of HP’s 300,000 employees.”

Jason Smith

Vintage IT

“SwiftStack easily met all of our key criteria for unlimited scalability, competitive low TCO at just 10% of NAS options, and ease of management. Working with SwiftStack has been a delight – they’re extremely responsive, and have been a great resource for us on any Swift deployment questions.”

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