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What We Do

SwiftStack enables you to do more with storage. Store more data, enable more applications and serve more users. We do this by delivering a proven object storage solution that's built on an open-source core and is fully enterprise ready. Our object storage software is an alternative to complex, expensive, on-premises hardware-based storage solutions.

SwiftStack delivers the features and flexibility you need to easily manage and scale object storage behind your firewall. Customers are demanding storage where they can pay as they grow, find it is easier to consume, and can infinitely scale. Today, our customers use SwiftStack for archiving active data, serving web content, building private clouds, sharing documents and storing backups.

SwiftStack Advantages

Freedom of choice

SwiftStack is fully hardware-neutral, allowing you to leverage the latest standard server and drive components that are ideal for your environment and drive out unnecessary cost. Built on an open source engine at the core, you get to leverage a powerful community with full vendor independence. 

Founded, built, and supported by some of the brightest minds in the application, cloud, and storage spaces, the entire SwiftStack team is here to help you get going on your path to utilizing modern data storage innovations. 

Learn more about SwiftStack object storage.

Pay as you grow

The rapid growth of unstructured data is accelerating and now is the time to make silos a thing of the past and utilize infinitely scalable storage. Once you start utilizing SwiftStack, you only pay for what you use . No more buying upfront for what you may need years down the road. Start small, scale huge. 

It’s globally-distributed object storage with a single namespace that’s durable enough for the most demanding private clouds and now brought to you in an easy-to-deploy/scale/manage system. 

Learn more about SwiftStack’s unique ownership model.

For your applications of today, as well as the ones of tomorrow

As the transition continues towards modern cloud applications, you need a storage system that supports applications of today as well as the ones of the future. With SwiftStack, your storage architecture is not gated by how your applications access and consume storage. 

Also, maintaining custody of your data is an important part of having confidence that your infrastructure evolves within your control. 

Learn more about how existing customers are leveraging SwiftStack today. 

Scott Adametz

Pac-12 Networks

“SwiftStack’s technology is stable, trustworthy and ready for production.  It has saved our butts more than once already and I don’t doubt it will save us again.  Trust these guys, they know what they’re doing!”

  Read Case Study

Mariano Cunietti

Enter ISP

“The expertise and support provided by SwiftStack convinced us that they were the right choice for both our internal needs and as a component in our Enter Cloud Suite platform.”

  Read Case Study

Mike Gasaway

HP IT Services

“SwiftStack provided the foundation we needed to deliver secure storage for a broad range of applications including Static Web repositories and an internal Sync-n-Share services for every one of HP’s 300,000 employees.”

Suchisubhra Sinha


Our big thing was that we wanted someone we could continue working with after the deployment happened. Swiftstack is the leader in object storage implementation. Also when we meet them we all left that room feeling like this wasn’t a typical vendor meeting. We felt like we weren’t the smartest people in the room and Swiftstack was really going to take care of us. They know what they are building.

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