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How SwiftStack Works

SwiftStack is object-based private cloud storage software for your datacenter. SwiftStack software runs on your standard on-premises x86 servers, with your choice Red Hat, CentOS or Ubuntu. The unique SwiftStack Controller removes the heavy lifting from configuration, authentication, cluster management and capacity management. Regular alerts, reports and system stats keep you constantly updated on your storage needs. And with our 24x7 support, you get technical assistance from OpenStack Swift experts to support your production environment when you need it.


SwiftStack Architecture Overview

SwiftStack Controller

Browser-based Operator Dashboard
  • Easy-to-use browser-based management
  • Multiple operators with role-based access control (integrates with your LDAP/AD)
  • Single pane of glass simplifies management of a complex distributed system
Storage Configuration and Data Placement Management
  • Consistently manage the configuration across multiple nodes
  • Manage storage nodes, configure networking, user accounts, and additional storage features
  • Alert on drive failures, node failures and any issues
  • Report for capacity planning
  • Report on storage utilization for chargeback and billing
  • See real-time information on all the inner workings of the cluster
  • Zoom-in on events across a specific timeframe to gain insight
System Stats
  • SwiftStack collects hundreds of data points on each node
  • Accurately aggregates data from multiple systems into a single cluster-wide view

SwiftStack Nodes

Drag and Drop Web Interface
  • Allow your storage users to easily manage their files with a web-based console
Flexible Authentication
  • Authentication integrations such as:
    • LDAP
    • OpenStack Auth
    • High-performance, distributed authentication for SaaS applications that is easily managed by Web-based tool
Load Balancing
  • Use the built-in SwiftStack load balancer
  • Integrate with an external load balancer / provides heartbeats and health checks
SwiftStack Monitoring Agents
  • SwiftStack monitoring agents capture deep insights into the inner workings of each storage node
OpenStack Swift
  • Robust version of OpenStack Swift
  • Enterprise-tested Swift
  • Cut by the core OpenStack Swift team members
  • Tested in production
  • Not a fork
Standard Linux Distribution
  • Package-based installer drops directly onto Red Hat, CentOS, Ubuntu.
  • This means that you can use your hardened, tested Linux distribution of choice.
Standard Hardware
  • SwiftStack installs on standards-based, commodity hardware available from multiple vendors
  • SwiftStack can provide validated hardware specifications from partners such as Silicon Mechanics.

SwiftStack Detailed Architecture Overview

SwiftStack Installation

Controller Deployment Options

SwiftStack Controller Service

SwiftStack Storage Nodes are always installed on systems you control and securely send only monitoring and configuration to the Controller Service.

Benefits of SwiftStack Controller Service
  • Immediate value. Get OpenStack Swift up and running quickly. No need to provision additional hardware for managing the SwiftStack nodes in your data center.

  • Stay up-to-date. Running the SwiftStack Controller in the cloud enables your cluster to stay up-to-date with the latest release of SwiftStack.

  • Manage globally-distributed clusters Run multiple rootprints from a globally-accessible control plane.

  • Full-control of data. Data remains on-premises in your data center.

  • Integrates with existing monitoring infrastructure.

SwiftStack On-premises Controller

Benefits of SwiftStack On-Premises Controller

The SwiftStack On-Premises Controller lets you manage your entire storage infrastructure behind your firewall.

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