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Private Cloud Storage

SwiftStack is object storage created for today’s applications. Its software-defined architecture allows you to serve content directly from your private cloud storage, without the need for extra web-server infrastructure.

The SwiftStack Controller is the industry’s first Software Defined Storage controller. Like a software-defined networking controller, the SwiftStack Controller is an out-of-band management system that powers your standard hardware (HP, Dell, Supermicro, etc.), creating a private cloud storage system.

Flexible and robust management tools make it easy for you to oversee growth and deliver scalable storage to millions of users.

SwiftStack is Powered by OpenStack Swift

It's built on a reliable, highly-scalable storage software project that runs on commodity hardware.

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Starting up

Start Fast, Operate Easy

Deploy in hours, not months

SwiftStack has integrated all the pieces and provides a package-based installer that easily and quickly drops directly into Red Hat, CentOS and Ubuntu. Run one command and you're up and running.

There is a fully-guided install process that removes the complexity of deploying distributed storage infrastructure.

SwiftStack can provide validated hardware specifications from partners such as Silicon Mechanics.

SwiftStack Runtime

Complete Storage Environment

SwiftStack bundles everything that is needed to run private cloud storage system, including:

  • Load-balancing
  • SSL termination
  • Authentication integrations that makes it easy to provision and manage storage users
  • And more ...


SwiftStack Controller

Scale with simplicity

Out of band management gives you the ability to scale without impacting system performance.

Keep your system up during failures or upgrades. Downtime is minimized with our powerful tools.

Monitor everything in real-time with an operations dashboard to maintain system health.


Role-based, to fit your needs

Gives operators various roles to manage hardware and users.

Enjoy multiple deployment options for the controller: as-a-service or on-premises.

Those authentication integrations include:

  • LDAP

Staying on top


Get the important information fast

Get notified on drive and node failures. SwiftStack uniquely labels each drive to ensure that each drive is appropriately managed in the system. SwiftStack listens to signals from SMART data, systems logs, requests and more.


Never get stuck

Receive support directly from the experts— the core team of OpenStack Swift. Opt for either SwiftStack Help Center or 9x5 with 24x7 support for urgent priority issues. Emergency fixes and updates are included.

Enjoy configuration and tuning assistance for getting everything running just right. Installation and training options are available as well.


and integrations

  • Drag & Drop Web Dashboard
  • LDAP
  • CIFS/NFS gateway available through partners

Who said storage needs to be static?