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SwiftStack Pricing

Our plans resemble public cloud pricing,
but there are a few key differences:

SwiftStack runs on your servers

SwiftStack Nodes run on your servers, in your datacenter.

SwiftStack Controller

The SwiftStack Controller is more than just a GUI; it's a full management console.

Full management and monitoring provided by the SwiftStack Controller.

SwiftStack Controller

The Controller comes in two flavors: the cloud and on-premises options.
Choose which is best for you.


Testing & Development


per month (6 mo. limit)

For your pre-production environment

Our Evaluation plan gives you time beyond a 30-day trial or 3-month Quick Start for supporting your evaluation and development efforts.

  • SwiftStack cloud-managed Controller
  • Use standard hardware or VMs
  • Access to training materials
  • Benchmarking resources
  • Monthly billing
  • 9 x 5 technical support
  • Expires after 6 months

Quick Start

Zero to Cluster, Fast


includes 3 months use

For your optimal design & deployment.

Our Quick Start gets you up and running fast with support from our team of experts, including architecture planning and guided deployment.

  • 90 days cloud-managed Controller
  • Hardware/networking recommendations
  • Cluster installation assistance
  • Integration/configuration help
  • Operational and functional test planning
  • Live training session over web
  • 9 x 5 priority technical support
  • Controller runs in the cloud
  • Automatic updates
  • Lowest starting cost
  • External LB integration
  • Built-in load balancer
  • Custom support options
  • On-premises controller
  • More professional services
  • Invoice billing
  • LDAP
  • Scale

    Petabyte-class Storage

    < $.01

    per GB/month

    For your continued growth and success

    Our Scale plan offers management for TBs to PBs of your private cloud storage, lowering your costs. Contact us to see what you could be saving.

    • Controller runs in your data center
    • No shared cloud components
    • Popular with enterprise
    • Cloud-managed or on-premises controller
    • Rolling upgrades, non-disruptive expansion
    • Global cluster planning
    • Integration assistance
    • Additional professional services
    • Invoice billing
    • 24/7 and custom support options

    Can't decide? SwiftStack runs on standard hardware, and has options and pricing to best fit any environment. Contact us to discuss.