OpenStack Swift at LCA 2014

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of attending Linux Conf Australia for the second time. This year, it was held on the campus of the University of Western Australia in Perth. Like always, the conference content was great. Knowledgeable presenters speaking on the topics of their expertise, great keynote presentations each morning, and a casual atmosphere make LCA one of my favorite tech conferences each year.

I had the opportunity to present twice this year. My first talk of the week was during the OpenStack miniconf on Tuesday, and I spoke on the ongoing storage policy and erasure code work in the Swift community. My second talk was on Thursday during the main conference track. That talk was on Swift’s global clusters feature: why we built it, how it works, and a little demo of the pieces working together.

Storage Policies

One of our top priorities in the Swift community right now is implementing storage policies. This feature gives operators and user enormous flexibility in how to match storage usage with storage needs. We’re specifically working on storage policies with the goal of supporting erasure coded content for more efficient storage of large content. In the video above I cover the goal for the work and give a little demo of two different storage policies in the same Swift cluster.

One note about the talk. I referenced “conversations earlier in the day” and take a little detour to talk about Swift’s extensibility. Swift is a highly-extensible storage system, and I’ll be writing a more detailed blog post soon on this topic. Several discussions at earlier talks in the day were claiming a lack of extensibility in the system, so I took some time to specifically address those issues in my talk.

Global Clusters

On Thursday I presented on Swift’s global clusters feature. I talked about the global clusters feature in Swift, covering its use cases, real-world deployments, and with plenty of Q/A at the end.

Can’t get to a Conference?

For anyone who can’t make it to conferences, SwiftStack holds weekly group live demos where you can see Swift and SwiftStack in action, and get answers to questions from experts. Our next live demo is Tuesday Jan 21 @ 9AM, join us to see the latest features like Global Clusters in action.

John Dickinson

John Dickinson

Director of Technology, SwiftStack
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