OpenStack Is Hiring

The OpenStack ecosystem is hiring! Nearly everyone here at the OpenStack Summit in San Diego is building up their teams. The running joke is that there are a lot of people named ‘Hiring’ at this conference.

Niki Acosta ran a great panel discussion with John Purrier (AppFog), Gretchen Curtis (Piston Cloud Computing, Mike Metral (Rackspace) and John Dickinson (SwiftStack) on careers in OpenStack.

Check out the writeup: http://www.rackspace.com/blog/video-openstack-summit-day-three-were-hiring/

And a great video -

As John mentions in the video, SwiftStack is hiring as well. We are actively looking for new team members who are eager to build out software to manage large and small OpenStack Swift clusters. We’re seeking folks who have experience with Python, systems engineering and (of course) storage. Please reach out to me, orion@swiftstack.com to learn more!

Orion Auld

Orion Auld

VP Engineering, SwiftStack


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