Video: How OpenStack Swift Handles Hardware Failures

A couple of weeks ago we held a great meetup in San Francisco where John Dickinson, the OpenStack Swift PTL, took an in-depth look at how Swift handles hardware failures. I made John sit down and walk through it again – this time on video. It was a great overview examining the code paths for several request types.

  • How does Swift handle a failed node so that future requests do not get routed to that node?
  • How does does Swift use hand-off locations to ensure safety of data when there is a failed drive?
  • How is a request routed when a request is made to a failed drive?
  • How does Swift deal with bit-rot?
  • How does Swift know when a hard-drive is full?
  • How does Swift deal with a full drives?

This is an in-depth look into the internals of OpenStack Swift by a core member of the project. Take a look!

Joe Arnold

Joe Arnold

CEO, SwiftStack


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