Swift 1.6.0 Release

I’m happy to announce that Swift 1.6.0 has been released. You can get the tarball athttps://launchpad.net/swift/folsom/1.6.0. As always, you can upgrade your production Swift clusters to this new version with no downtime to your clients.

The complete changelog for this release is athttps://github.com/openstack/swift/blob/master/CHANGELOG, but I’d like to highlight a few of the more significant changes.

First, the bin/swift CLI client and swift/common/client.py have been moved to the new python-swiftclient OpenStack project. This change allows other projects to use an officially supported client without having to install all of Swift. Most immediately, Glance and Horizon will be able to use this. The python-swiftclient project is also helpful to non-OpenStack projects wanting to integrate with Swift. Note that Swift now depends on the new python-swiftclient project.

Secondly, Swift now includes the Keystone middleware “keystoneauth”. This now matches the pattern set by other OpenStack projects and is the logical place to support this part of the Swift-Keystone integration.

Lastly, the swift-dispersion-report now works with a replica count other than three. While this allows the tool to be more useful, it does necessitate a format change to the JSON returned. Therefore existing tools using the output of swift-dispersion-report will need to be updated.

There are many other updates and bugfixes in this release. I encourage you to read the entire changelog.

On the contributor side, this Swift release is the result of the work of 16 contributors (git shortlog --no-merges -nes 1.5.0..1.6.0 | wc -l), 5 of whom are new to Swift. This brings the total contributor count for Swift to 71. The 5 new contributors to swift are:

  • François Charlier (francois.charlier@enovance.com)
  • Iryoung Jeong (iryoung@gmail.com)
  • Tsuyuzaki Kota (tsuyuzaki.kota@lab.ntt.co.jp)
  • Dan Prince (dprince@redhat.com)
  • Vincent Untz (vuntz@suse.com)

Thank you to everyone who contributed for your hard work and commitment to making Swift the most reliable, open, and production-ready object storage system in the world.