SwiftStack Welcomes John Dickinson

I’d like to welcome John Dickinson to the SwiftStack team!

For the past 3 years, John has been at Rackspace working on the team responsible for Rackspace Cloud Files and OpenStack Swift, the large-scale distributed object storage system which SwiftStack is built on. As the Project Technical Lead (PTL) for OpenStack Swift, John is also leading much of its community development efforts, which now has grown to 70 contributors.

In joining the SwiftStack team, John will continue to provide leadership for Swift and the OpenStack community. And for those who are getting introduced to SwiftStack for the first time. I bet you’re thinking: holy crap! – a company exists that is just concentrating on one slice of OpenStack? Not the whole of OpenStack!?

Yup. That’s what we’re doing. We’re maniacally focused on delivering a supported OpenStack Swift distribution and storage controller - which you can run on your own hardware, just like the big guys. It is basically like your own RackSpace Cloud Files or Amazon S3 in a box – your own box. However, there are many, many, components required to run any distributed system - and SwiftStack provides the complete distribution which makes the entire system easy to deploy, manage and scale.

In addition to the development effort on our product, we have also been very active in open source Swift development. SwiftStack is the only company outside of Rackspace to have employees that are core team members of the OpenStack Swift project. With John coming on board, we are now stepping up our contribution to Swift’s development.

John brings with him a tremendous experience as part of the team which built Swift from the ground-up to run Rackspace Cloud Files. What’s really exciting is that these experiences will be invaluable to our development efforts to build storage solutions based on OpenStack Swift as our customers grow their SwiftStack clusters to truly massive scales.

Welcome John!

Joe Arnold

Joe Arnold

CEO, SwiftStack


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