An Evening of Swift

Earlier this month, we had great turnout for an OpenStack meetup in the San Francisco bay area focusing on Swift. Many thanks to Dave Neilson who helped organize the event and to Nebula who sponsored food & drinks. In one night we had a 2-hour Swift install training workshop, and had 3 speakers giving their perspectives on the state of OpenStack Swift. It wasn’t just a meetup, it was a Swift conference! There was about 4 hours of OpenStack Swift workshops and speakers.

‘Darrell Bishop and Joe Arnold walking through the Swift Workshop’

We started with a Swift Install Training Workshop. The packed room was working with Darrell Bishop and Joe Arnold on getting Swift up and running. For those of you who missed the class, we put the workshop online for those who want to take it. Swift Install Workshop

We feel that the best way to learn about something is to actually do it. So the workshop philosophy went through each step of configuration so that everyone could understand Swift cluster architecture and its configuration. For example, we walked the class through how to format and mount drives in the system, what all the configuration settings mean, what processes are running on the server and what those processes are responsible for.

In the end, most everyone walked away with a virtual machine running Swift on their laptop.

After the Swift install training session, we had a great lineup of speakers.

‘Daniel Ford presenting “Swift within the Storage Ecosystem”‘ The first speaker was Daniel Ford of Nebula who kicked us off with a lightning talk – “Swift within the Storage Ecosystem”. It was a great overview of the storage landscape and where object storage fits / falls into the storage ecosystem.

‘Reinhardt Quelle presenting “Selecting a Cloud Platform with Storage”‘

Then Reinhardt Quelle of Cisco talked about the cloud initiatives within Cisco. He addresed process around selecting which platform services they are offering internally and why OpenStack is interesting to Cisco beyond networking.

‘John Dickinson presenting “Swift: Present and Future”‘ Lastly, John Dickinson, the Technical Project lead of Swift who works at Rackspace, gave a talk on the current state of Swift. It was a great overview of how Swift is architected and the future direction of Swift.

Looking forward to the next meetup!