Bio-IT World Conference…Are you going?

We’re super excited about next week’s Bio-IT World Conference (register here). There will be 3,000+ IT experts from over 32 countries converging on Boston, looking for cutting edge technologies that will take BioMed research and drug development even further.   The innovations made in genome sequencing technology are generating enormous amount of data.  For example, […]

We Know Why You Should Backup with Object Storage…Do You?

Data today is growing faster than traditional architectures can keep up with. It’s increasing more than 50% annually and is creating some serious challenges for IT administrators! So how can you reliably manage and store backups from multiple storage silos, in multiple locations, in multiple formats? Before we can tackle the solution, we should – […]

Behind the Scenes: Erasure Codes – Huge Community Effort

Erasure codes provide tremendous hardware footprint savings. Developing erasure codes is a huge feature for Swift. It was also a huge collaboration effort for the open source community. Let’s take an inside look at the collaborative effort behind Erasure Codes in Swift! John Dickinson, the Project Technical Lead for Swift at SwiftStack, has been leading […]