Erasure Codes Now a Part of OpenStack Kilo

Today’s OpenStack Kilo release includes a significant new feature in Swift: Swift now supports Erasure Codes, in addition to Replicas, as a way to do data durability, ensuring that data will not be permanently lost or corrupted. Why are Erasure Codes important? In any storage system, the way to get durability is to store more […]

Greg Govatos

Taking Software-Defined Object Storage North of the Border

We are excited to announce a partnership with Scalar Decisions, one of Canada’s largest and fastest-growing IT solutions providers. Scalar has offices across Canada and has been a long-time promoter of cloud-centric technologies. When we first met with Roger Singh, CTO, and Neil Bunn, Chief Architect, it was clear that Scalar’s technology-led customer engagement process […]

Joe Arnold

Behind the Scenes: “Under the Hood” with Erasure Codes

This week we’re keeping things simple…in writing, anyways. We’re going to let our video feature on Erasure Codes speak for itself. In this video, Clay Gerrard, a Sr. Software Engineer here at SwiftStack (and Core OpenStack Swift contributor) goes “under the hood” and breaks down Erasure Codes for us. But before we get to the […]