Puja Rami

Doug Soltesz on Data Protection Gumbo

Doug Soltesz, our Solutions and Applications Manager, recently sat down with Demetrius Malbrough on Data Protection Gumbo to discuss why object storage is a great solution and who it is great for. Doug and Demetrius talk about tape based backups and purpose-built backup appliances (PBBAs), and whether or not SwiftStack and cloud storage eliminate the […]

Five years working on Swift

It’s been an incredible five years working on Swift! I’ve seen both the community and the project grow and mature in that time, and I’m really proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish together. Below we’ve got an infographic with some of the important features that have been added to the project. Every single […]

Using Swift for the rest of us

Contributed by Dirk Petersen, Scientific Computing Director, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center   Today the OpenStack Swift API is widely used, and developers enjoy how easy and fast they can interact with stored objects. If you have ever tried to pull a listing of 100,000 files from a Posix filesystem via NFS,  you are pleasantly […]

Joe Arnold

Two tracks Live from the Budokan (Tokyo)

Dozens of artist have recorded albums while performing in Tokyo. I took the chance to lay down a few tracks of my own with friends from SwiftStack in the garden within the OpenStack Summit complex.     Swift happenings at OpenStack Summit in Tokyo John Dickinson (OpenStack Swift Project Technical Lead) and I preview the […]

Freedom of Choice = Massive Savings

It’s a fact that SwiftStack Object Storage delivers significant savings. For example, a two-site deployment can save nearly 50% over three years compared to scale-out NAS. Other object storage solutions have high acquisition costs and only start to payback on TCO at very large scale. However, with SwiftStack, the savings start from the beginning — […]